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Audio rally racing

title:Audio rally racing
download page:No link!
genre:Racing Games
platform:Pc. Mac, Ios
release:June 2015
features:sound, visuals
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Audio rally racing is Tikon blue's second forray into the racing genre following Audio speed. Try out your racing skills in one of a number of dramatically named cars with different speed and handling, then cruse through the rally racing championships across the globe, managing your car along the way in an effort to become world champion. using nothing but your navigator's instructions and engine sound, you must steer your car using either arrows or tilting your Iphone, negotiating long and short curves, jumps, muddy roads, holes in the middle of the track, bad weather and a host of other obstacles as you accumulate points and hopefully, survive all the way through the circuit.

All tracks are built in detail and 3d. Warning tones will tell you when your getting too close to the left or right side of the track, whilst your navigator will warn you of things like sharp or long curves, jumps or inclines, though of course how you take them is a matter of knowing how to handle your roadster, something which can only be learned through intensive driving practice.

The game can be played in single race mode, when a single track can be selected from one be selected from of ten different nations each with five unique courses, or in a tournament mode in which you must race through several country's tracks, needing to get a fast enough time and enough points to qualify in each heat. For hyper racing junkies there is also the championship mode, where you can takke on all fifty tracks, plus a couple of unlockables if you can get through the earlier ones in one sitting.

The game is entirely self voicing so no screen reader is necessary, and costs just 4 euroes oOn Pc, or 5 on Ios.

The above link will let you purchase the full version of audio rally racing, but also there is a link to fill in a form to receive a demo version, though note this will also need an unlock code which will be sent via email. The demo contains just one car, just one nation, and only one practice track, so serves as just a mild taster to the full game, though will give fans an idea of how the main championship plays.

In addition,there is a teaser on the above website, plus you can listen to This handy playthru which gives a good idea of the game.

Happy racing.


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