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Copter mission

title:Copter mission
download page:link
genre:Arcade Games
developer:Oriol gaming zone
release:August 2015
last edit by:Dark


Copter mission is a fast arcade game heavy on the action by Oriol gomez and Daniel Villion. In a future war between America and china, you, the bold hellicopter pilot is in dire trouble. After an attack on a Chinese city, your chopper is badly damaged and losing hight, and you need to find somewhere to land, (as a disclaimer, neither Oriol nor Daniel have anything against Chinese or American people, they just wanted actual nations involved in the game to add an extra bit of plot at the game's ending).

Your damaged hellicopter is gradually losing hight, represented by a 250 stage drop into the city. Make it down in one piece and you can land safely. Unfortunately, this means doing a serious bit of aggressive city planning on the way down as there are a lot of buildings in your way. When you hear a tall building (indicated by a higher pitched alarm sound), hit the right arrow to fire a missile and blast it away, use the down arrow for bombs to drop on low buildings (which you hear with a lower alarm sound).

Bonus items will occasionally appear with a wooshing sound, these include health and amo pickups, since your supplies of destructive weapons aren't infinite. You pick these up with the spacebar. Unfortunately however, your still under attack and the Chinese military are bombarding you with missiles. When you hear a missile coming from the left, center or right, you use either the left, center or right arrow in conjunction with the alt or control key to fire a missile interceptor and blow the missiles up in mid air before they can get you. Simple though this is, you'll find it surprisingly addictive in a classic arcade explosive type of way.

T he game has various game modes, including an endless mode, and the usual Oriol high scores list, which of course you can check out Here on the Oriol gaming zone scoreboards.

Also like many of Oriol's other games, the game is entirely self voicing so no screen reader is necessary, has a range of highly explosive sound effects, and will run on any version of windows later than Windows 7 though not on Windows Xp).

The above link will download a full installer for the game. If you would prefer a simple zip version that you can run and create shortcuts to yourself, Oriol has one here

For more on Oriol and his games, you can visit The Oriol Gaming zone page on the audiogames archive

Beware of missiles.

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