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developer:Hunted cow studios
platform:Online, web brouser
features:text, visuals
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gothador is a truly massive online roleplaying game with thousands of players, thousands of quests, and thousands of monsters! After creating a character, you spend your time wandering around the truly huge online world looking for monsters or other players to fight, as well as items and npcs to fulfil your quests.

With a huge variety of game classes, items, weaponry and armour, and the chance to level up your characters to truly rediculous amounts, this is the perfect game for people with a power hungry streak and a desire to be the best. Pvp however is entirely optional, and only occurs at certain areas of the game, ---- and even if a player is killed, the actual effect is minimal. .

with the competative spirit of the game come cults, ---- aka guilds or player organizations who not only share items but can build bases and fortifications within the game world and make war on other cults and their players.

to add to all this, the game is also always beeing tweaked, and updated with everything from new character classes, to new monsters and quests, and even new realms to explore.

The game features many complex systems and different mechanics, such as using vials for temporary boosts, ganing blood for transformations, controlling a pet or even turning into a shadow. It is even possible with a general account for Hunted cown studios to create multiple characters and switch between them, (though note whether other of Hunted Cow Studios games are accessible is not known.

interface wise, the game does require some skillful use of a screen reader. Most links to character functions such as quests, profile and inventory show up as buttons at the top of the screen along with large amounts of character statistics. Towards the middle are options for your current location, while playing area is represented as a 3x3 grid of squares around the player's current position, each marked with textual coordinates. By reading carefully, the contents of the squares, such as monsters, npcs, various sorts of buildings or other players can be examined. Actions for the current square such as attacking or speaking to it's inhabitants, buying items from shops, healing at hospitals, mining or smelting metals to forge weapons and armour etc.

It's also recommended that a player disable as much as possible in the game interface so as to make things less cluttered. fortunately, functions such as inventory, examining profile and spending experience points are all done in separate windows, which are incredibly streight forward.

all actions within the game require action points (ap as their known), which refresh at a different rate depending upon a player's speed rating, ---- though more may also be gained through use of items such as potions or by raising the players ap on levelling up. .

the game is free to play, though it is restricted in several ways, for instance restricting players to only a few of gothador's various realms and classes, and limiting stats and number of ap available. A basic subscription to the game for 5 usd a month will lift all these restrictions and allow a player full access to the game. further subscription options also exist which offer increasing amounts of Goth points which may be exchanged for ap restoring potions.

additional resources.

Gothador is a game with something of a harsh learning curve due to the many different systems and features in the game. The official Gothador forum is a handy place for tips, and while in the long years this game has been running some guides have come and gone, Gothaguide Still remains the best source of information and a pretty much invaluable resource if you want to complete quests successfully since the amount of teretory to explore in the game is truly staggering and without a guide yu will certainly get lost.


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