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genre:Adult Games XXX
developer:Gate keeper
platform:Web browser
features:text, visuals
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Like his previous title, The allure of Wanten cove Inheritance is another single player, text based erotic themed game played in your web browser. In Inheritance, you take on the character of a young man who's just received a rather odd bequest in his Uncle's will. Not only his Uncle's huge manner, but also (as you find when you arrive), his uncle's two most prised possessions, two slave girls. The 21 year old Anna, a girl who has remained tough despite going through highly difficult circumstances, and her sister, the 18 year old Eve, who has remained rather mysteriously innocent and childlike for reasons that aren't quite clear.

What you do in the game is up to you, since the theme of inheritance is to give you an open world to explore and experiment with. Delve into your Uncle's murky past, the slave girl trade, and that of Anna and Eve, explore his mansion, and try to work out what owning to slave girls means to you. Either follow in your Uncle's footsteps and become their new master, treat them simply as your domestic servants, or try to show them the care and affection they've never experienced before, perhaps finding love with one or other of the girls along the way.

while the focus of Inheritance is definitely Erotic, and you can choose to have the girls serve you sexually, a lot of work is also going into the interactions with the game's environment, and indeed with the girls as complex evolving characters, with The way you treat them dictating in turn how they treat you.

In addition to Anna and eve you can acquire a number of other slaves along the way with similarly complex interactions, as well as engage in a wide variety of activities around your uncle's estate, from playing pool, to checking out the local night spots, to breeding horses and dogs, indeed much of the games' appeal comes as from its open world field as well as its interactions with Anna, Eeve and the various other slaves you find.

though in an early state at the moment, more content is being added rapidly, and as with Wanton cove those who support the game via Patrion will have access to newer builds faster than those with the free public build, as well as be able to use a cheat menu to adjust the game as you wish.

Also much as with Wanten cove, the game is playable in your favourite web browser with all the comfort of using your screen reader's navigation functions to interact with the links and buttons, but is entirely single player.

Also bare in mind though that the game is exclusively an adult themed one containing themes of slavery and lavish descriptions of sexual intercourse and thus should not be played by those under age or easily offended.

For extensive details about the game and Allure of Wanten cove, you can check out The games' official wiki

More about the game, including convenient links to download both the latest commercial and public versions and find the patrion page can be found Here on the Tfgames.com site, A hub for adult gaming, though a site who's layout and updated links might be of help to people who find navigating patrion a pest.


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